A Mid-Funnel Mindshift: How ConnectWise and NP Digital increased ROAS of Paid Search by 100%

NP Digital

Client: ConnectWise

ConnectWise is the world's leading software technology company dedicated to ensuring the success of IT solution providers. With multiple software and solution offerings across North America, EMEA, and APAC, more global IT services providers choose the ConnectWise platform over any other to deliver superior solutions for their end customers.

In Q2, ConnectWise and NP Digital collaborated on a reforecasting exercise to better inform MQL target setting with search demand and historical data. The result of this analysis initiated a shift in focus from quality to quantity, balancing the need for MQL volume with the need to improve SQL and SQO conversion rates to drive more pipeline from our MQLs. ConnectWise & NPD agreed to make a massive shift in optimization strategy, prioritizing campaigns with high SQO conversion rates over those with high MQL volume and low CPLs. Prior to this point, pipeline impact had historically been measured by channel but not mapped back to specific campaigns. This crucial data gap meant all campaigns were treated the same, despite some contributing higher quality leads and more pipeline impact in the mid-bottom funnel. But the larger task of integrating Offline Conversion was resource-intensive and expected to take several more months until ConnectWise’s CRM data was fully integrated in platform. In lieu of this automation, NP Digital agreed to take on the manual task of mapping front-end Paid Search performance and spend to MQL, SQL, SQO, and Pipeline contribution for hundreds of campaigns.