Aligning the Zipcar account to a Modern Search approach while driving new registrations and reducing budget waste

Tug Agency

Client: Zipcar

Having worked with Zipcar between 2021 and 2022 to drive brand awareness performance with a limited budget, we saw our 2023 goals shift to maximising their budget allocations across the paid search space and getting ahead of competitors. We decided that restructuring their account in line with a Modern Search approach was the best way to optimise their budgets while driving member registrations and bookings. Adopting a Modern Search approach for Zipcar included consolidating keyword match types into themed-based groups, enabling more data to be leveraged by Google Search’s ML algorithm. We transitioned to smart bidding and broadened match types (to help scale more than exact and phrase matches) to reach a much wider audience. Moreover, we implemented DSAs to create the most relevant, effective ad while also leveraging RSAs and dynamic features for creatives. After fully transitioning the account in August, we saw a 12% increase in B2C registrations and a 20% increase in B2B registrations. Their Q3 results showed a 31% increase in registrations and a 15% increase in bookings compared to Q2. Overall, we received a registration-specific CPA reduction of 35% at a spend of less than 27%.