Banking on Exceptional Content in Search

Performics @ Starcom

Client: AXA

In 2022, AXA approached with a pressing issue: despite their reputation as a leading UK financial brand, their car and home insurance website pages were experiencing low traffic and engagement. To address this issue, Starcom developed a content strategy aimed at improving AXA's search performance, visibility, and competitiveness with key rivals. The objectives were to boost AXA's rankings for car and home insurance, attract a significant number of new users to the site, and contribute to revenue growth through increased sales.

The strategy encompassed two streams: expanding and optimising existing product and editorial pages with search-driven intelligence and creating new pages focused on priority themes. Leveraging data and utilising a comprehensive keyword database, we identified hundreds of new themes for AXA's priority products. With a content creation roadmap and tracking system in place, we were able to monitor the transformation of search performance from the moment our new content went live, achieving double in revenue through assisted conversions and driving a wave of new users and traffic to the site. The clear and measurable successes of this project demonstrate the impact that acting on search intelligence can have for clients.