Data-driven, full-funnel programmatic advertising strategy drives 30.7% higher ROI for Dell compared to direct competition

Hybrid Theory

Client: Dell and EssenceMediacom

During 2022, Dell and media agency EssenceMediacom partnered with Hybrid Theory to drive awareness, consideration and conversions for its premium tech products across four European markets. Hybrid Theory leveraged unique data sets to uncover and reach Dell's target audience: small business owners and IT decision-makers from companies with up to 99 employees.

Using a combination of proprietary browse, search, share and social data, Hybrid Theory built custom audiences for each stage of the advertising funnel. Upper-funnel strategy targeted broad audiences interested in technology and business, as well as gaming, health and fitness, and personal finance. For these audiences specifically, Hybrid Theory built high-impact, engaging ad formats. Mid-funnel targeting strategies created a sense of urgency among audiences closer to conversion with ads featuring countdowns or notifications for upcoming sales events, while lower-funnel ads aimed to usher customers showing high purchase signals towards a purchase with standard banner ads. At this stage, Hybrid Theory’s proprietary lookalike algorithm was used to maximise Dell's reach towards the most relevant audiences across the funnel, excluding users less likely to convert. The campaign achieved 44.9 million ad impressions. Overall, Hybrid Theory's data-driven advertising capabilities drove 30.7% higher revenue, 19.5% lower CPM and 77.3% lower CPC for Dell when compared to a head-to-head test with a direct competitor on prospecting tactics.