Driving Formula E's brand across the globe


Client: Formula E

Formula E were looking for a partner who could help them with a go-to-market segmentation, be flexible and adaptive. Both relatively young, high-growth companies with ambition looking to continually evolve and grow through innovation, there was a natural synergy between Fifty and Formula E.

The partnership kicked off with the start of the ninth season from January-July 2023, with race marketing campaigns initially activated for Rome, Berlin, Monaco, London and Portland. The challenge was to drive local awareness and ticket sales within these key global cities, one of which was brand new on the race calendar. Fifty were also tasked with supercharging regionalised awareness across the UK and key regions within India, focusing especially on HITEC cities such as Hyderabad. Utilising their unique platform and omnichannel approach, Fifty devised a strategy that resulted in FormulaE selling out nearly every race, with global awareness and fandom increasing exponentially.