Driving Success: How Citroën Used Value-Based Bidding to Win the Race

Performics @ Starcom

Client: Stellantis

Citro├źn, the iconic French automobile brand, needed to enhance its performance media strategy by prioritising the most valuable leads. Historically, the brand treated all on-site actions equally, which risked inefficient budget allocation.

The goal was to increase ROAS with a flat budget through an innovative search marketing approach. Performics @ Starcom used groundbreaking value-based bidding (VBB) methodology to attribute true lead value based on offline sales records. To carry out this ambitious approach, Starcom took a smart, data-driven approach to prioritise high-value customers and reduce budget allocation for low-value prospects. The results were astounding. The project smashed already ambitious targets to achieve an impressive increase in ROAS and car offer requests, plus a lower CPA. Through successfully shifting focus from online leads to tangible offline sales, the campaign's impact was able to extend globally. The team's innovative, adaptable, and data-driven approach showcased a pioneering mindset that challenged the status quo and unlocked budgets around the world, driving higher ROAS and laying the groundwork for more successful VBB campaigns in the automotive space.