Driving brand demand through BVOD


Client: Equifax

Equifax, the global credit reporting agency, was facing a stagnant market position and a declining brand image in an increasingly competitive market, compounded by a flat budget and increasing costs. Through working with Croud, Equifax aimed to develop customer personas and strategically select the most appropriate channels, extending its campaigns into the upper-funnel.

Together, Croud and Equifax launched the brand’s first ever brand campaign. Opting for Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) - running on Sky AdSmart, Channel 4 and ITV’s catch-up TV platforms - over traditional TV, we aimed to combat seasonal decline and boost brand visibility on a constrained budget. The campaign resulted in an uplift in brand search and traffic, leading to a 5% uplift in overall sales in just six weeks. Forgoing traditional TV advertising paid off since it minimised wastage and offered a measurable, lower-risk option. This collaborative effort led to Croud and Equifax surpassing ambitious targets, unlocking future campaigns and the brand’s first annual marketing budget increase since 2018. This campaign illustrates how strategic thinking, audience understanding, and a data-driven approach can revitalise a brand and deliver instant impact, even within budget constraints and amidst market saturation.