Etihad’s Flying Start out of Pandemic with Digitas + Partnerize Data and Insights


Client: Etihad with Partnerize

Like the travel industry at large, the pandemic’s global travel hiatus posed deep challenges for aviation from 2020 through to early 2022. However, a multi-agency team from Etihad, Digitas and Partnerize grabbed the opportunity the downtime presented to dive deeper into the data, systems and processes that underpinned Etihad’s performance and partnership channel success, preparing for a flying start to the 2022 financial year.

The ultimate goals set were to reduce Cost Per Sale while building on revenue, as flight routes began to open up again. But with no certainty as to which routes would reopen and when, it was therefore vital to create operational efficiencies and improve relationships with the most lucrative and diverse partners. The agency team built proprietary Travel Trends data aggregators, infused with predictive technology, layered with the suite of tools within Partnerize’s partnership management software. These multi-layered reports enabled better insights on where to focus attention and spend and drove more effective and efficient partnerships with optimum return on partner channel investment. The integration of these data sets, machine learning technology and the ability to make data-informed predictions on best-fit partners ensured that when the world reopened and travel was in demand once again, the business was set up to meet the pent up demand built during the pandemic in the smartest, most efficient ways, via the most well-suited partners.