Getting more with less. How UTI increased paid media KPIs with a reduced budget.​

NP Digital

Client: Universal Technical Institute

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is an accredited trade school offering a variety of programs or areas of interest (AOIs) for students looking to pursue a career in the trade industry. Area of Interest (AOIs) programs include Automotive, Diesel, Collision, Welding, Motorcycle, Marine, Energy Technology, Robotics & Automation, Wind and NASCAR Tech.

UTI tasked NP Digital with increasing the number of gross and workable inquiries coming from paid search and paid social for all their Core Programs. Furthermore, we needed to meet or exceed these goals with a budget that was being reduce by 15%. After conducting a comprehensive account and campaign audit, we implemented restructures across all paid search and paid social platforms (Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, Google, Microsoft). We did this through a phased approach to minimize disruption to performance and prioritized AOIs with the greatest opportunity for improvement. Additionally, we performed creative testing across ad formats to help increase conversion and drive scale. When looking at all paid media under NPD management, comparing restructured performance to legacy campaign performance, workable inquiries increased 8% and gross inquiries increased 11%, significant increases despite a 15% decrease in year-over-year paid media budget.