GOMO - Modelling the Consumer Journey

OMD Singapore

Client: SingTel / GOMO

GOMO, Singtel's budget-friendly mobile brand, faced a double threat: a saturated market with fierce price wars and cannibalization by its parent brand, Singtel. To combat this, we implemented a two-pronged, data-driven strategy.

Firstly, we built a custom Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) model. Utilizing privacy-safe user-level data and advanced analytics like the Markov Chain Model, this model went beyond last-touch attribution, analyzing the entire customer journey. This allowed us to optimize ad spend by pinpointing the most impactful formats, conversion drivers, and optimal ad frequency. Secondly, we employed meticulous audience targeting. By leveraging data to exclude existing Singtel users and target young audiences on competitor ISPs, we ensured our message reached the right people. Additionally, a mobile-optimized purchase flow streamlined the user experience. The results were remarkable. We achieved a significant % conversion increase in the first month, a sustained of more than 4% growth rate, and a double digit % reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Importantly, we not only maintained market share but also surpassed our target by reducing Singtel cannibalization by 13%. This case study demonstrates the power of data-driven media optimization in achieving significant growth and efficiency, even in a highly competitive market.