Implementing a multi-channel brand awareness campaign that drives real revenue for Zipcar with proprietary Tug Tools 'Lift Analytics' and 'Real Impact'

Tug Agency

Client: Zipcar

With the overarching goal of growing brand awareness post-COVID, car-sharing club Zipcar approached us to help them increase membership registrations, encourage already-existing drivers to book more, and drive revenue. We put a multi-channel brand awareness campaign that invested more in previously unexplored awareness activities: programmatic, video and podcasts. Before implementation, it was important that we identified and took into consideration that increasing revenue and booking didn't always correlate (due to the long user journey of completing a booking). Through the implementation of two of our Tug Tools ‘Lift Analytics’ and ‘Real Impact’ (part of 12 proprietary tools we’ve developed in response to unique client challenges), we could show the correlation between increased awareness spend and metrics that indicated awareness. Additionally, we were able to identify the impact of running an integrated, multi-channel brand awareness campaign on overall business revenue. Some of our key results included (but were not limited to) receiving a 41% stronger CPA, a 102% stronger site visitor rate, as well as a 39% increase in PPC brand total available impressions (TAI).