It’s a Clean Sweep for Litter-Robot’s Multi-Touch Affiliate Campaign on Partnerize Platform


Client: Litter Robot

This award entry specifically seeks to highlight the successful launch of Litter-Robot’s partnership with in 2022.

Litter-Robot was looking to increase clicks and ultimately revenue and this partnership would set out to accomplish this and incentivise CPA increases by creating a holistic campaign that included - a Whisker-sponsored Google PPC campaign for “Best Automatic Litter Boxes” - Custom content for Litter-Robot including YouTube videos - Standalone Reviews - Roundup Inclusions/Optimizations - dedicated email newsletters. Entrepreneur said, “This pet care company did for litter boxes what Steve Jobs did for cell phones.” New York magazine said, “The Litter-Robot changed my experience of being a cat owner.” Good Housekeeping graced the Litter-Robot as the “best overall self-cleaning litter box. This leaves little doubt that Litter-Robot is truly “THE litter box for cat parents everywhere”. The highest rated self-cleaning litter box on the market, Litter-Robot is intelligently equipped with built-in odour control, wifi, and an unrivalled self-cleaning technology. Plainly, Litter-Robot elevates its category in every way.