KFC Growth Marketing through Digital Excellence

Hearts & Science

Client: KFC

In crafting a compelling narrative for KFC's digital transformation in the Kuwaiti delivery market, our bespoke migration and retention strategy exemplified unparalleled innovation and strategic prowess. Prioritizing retention over acquisition, we meticulously nurtured existing user relationships with personalized incentives and exclusive offers while orchestrating targeted migration campaigns to shift users from aggregator platforms to KFC's channels.

Utilizing cutting-edge data analytics, we identified high-value user segments and tailored our marketing endeavors to resonate with their unique preferences and behaviors. Our agile approach, bolstered by continuous optimization of media channels and app-exclusive promotions, enabled us to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics. The tangible results speak volumes: a remarkable 42% surge in overall transactions, a staggering 106% increase in returning users, and a noteworthy 45% reduction in Cost Per Order (CPO). Notably, KFC's triumph over its competitors in install penetration by 8% underscored the strategic success of our campaign. This transformative initiative not only elevated KFC's digital footprint but also set a new benchmark for excellence in the fiercely competitive delivery market, securing its position as an industry leader.