KFC Online to Offline (OTO)

Hearts & Science

Client: KFC

KFC Qatar encountered a substantial sales decline (-41% YoY) post the Qatar World Cup due to reduced visitor numbers. To counter this challenge, we spearheaded a transformative Online to Offline (OTO) campaign leveraging location intelligence technology. By repurposing existing tech, we aimed to redirect consumer behaviour towards KFC stores, strategically targeting peak QSR order timings. Convincing stakeholders of the potential of OTO activations and seamlessly integrating technology posed initial hurdles. Our innovative approach involved mapping top-performing KFC and competitor stores, segmenting audiences, and precise timing for engagement. The campaign yielded exceptional results, driving a notable 22% transaction uplift and attracting 13,570 footsteps to KFC outlets within a month. Moreover, 40% of footfall migrated from key competitor stores, underscoring the effectiveness of our strategy. This initiative not only contributed to 12% of total transactions but also demonstrated the significant impact of innovative tech-driven solutions on KFC Qatar's bottom line.