KFC Uncle Waffles Burger

Hearts & Science

Client: KFC

KFC collaborated with Uncle Waffle, a highly acclaimed artist, to launch their groundbreaking “Uncle Waffles Burger” as their aim to enhance youth consideration for the brand in South Africa which was pivotal to gain consideration points for KFC among young consumers, addressing a critical business challenge for sustained growth and relevance.

The strategic aim was to amplify KFC's collaboration with Uncle Waffles amidst the challenges of a crowded digital landscape, limited budget, and complex supply chain. Leveraging a data driven geo-targeting media approach combined with Ad-tech innovation, we optimized our limited media budget to who, when & where it mattered most. Geotargeting and contextual mapping optimized media placement by aligning it with audience and product demand/intent, increasing efficiency and driving product sales. Additionally, our custom-built landing page enriched the multimedia experience with live mapping and user proximity display. In the first week, sales were more than double the projected amount, exceeding forecasts by 125%. 60% of stores were out of stock in the first two weeks, indicating high demand and successful footfall redirection. The custom-built locator landing page received 251,000 views, showcasing strong interest and engagement. The map with geotargeted ads achieved a 14.7% engagement rate, driving 27,785 store visits