Leveraging SEO & Content to Help Build a Brand: How We Increased Organic Search Traffic by 561% for Lantern by SoFi

NP Digital

Client: Lantern by SoFi

1 year after launch, LanternCredit.com had very little non-brand organic search visibility. Lantern’s top competitors (Nerdwallet, Bankrate, and Credit Karma) have aggressive content marketing strategies, robust backlink profiles, and were dominating the search engine result pages (SERPS).

Our strategy was to increase semantic relevance for high scoring, uber-competitive transactional “head” keywords. We would do this by building greater content depth via the less competitive informational “tail” queries. 6 content hubs were established and would live under a newly created “/learn” folder, right off the LanternCredit.com root: Personal Loans, Small Business Loans, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans, and Mortgages. These keywords had 3,000,000+ supporting keyword derivatives and search demand estimates of over 92,500,000/month tied to them. On a weekly basis we developed and launched new content clusters for each of our 6 hubs (800+ content pieces): in-depth articles, guides, tools and calculators, how to’s, what is and answers to frequently asked questions. This helped to expand our keyword universe and develop the critical E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) signals that both Google and potential customers are looking for. As a relatively new domain, Lantern needed a robust digital PR strategy to help disseminate its story, promote the newly created content, and boost page and domain equity. We leveraged existing relationships with publishers and influencers to placed more than 500 pieces of high-quality content in publications such as The Business Journals, Time Magazine, LA Opinion, and Fox Business. Each outlined Lantern’s differentiators, value proposition, features, and unique approach to lending.