Optimizing ad ops to achieve the next-step programmatic efficiency


The modern, standardized advertising world still relies on humans, driving the industry with the manual gearbox. Unfortunately, human-induced delays and connection issues lead to efficiency setbacks, hindering the progress of AdTech as a whole. So why can’t we make programmatic truly automated, as it should be? Our unwavering commitment to simplifying digital advertising and pursuing innovation has led us to develop groundbreaking technology poised to transform the AdTech scene.

Welcome the 'Traffic Bridge' technology, poised to revolutionize ad operations using automation. The secure protocol constantly and automatically receives signals from demand and supply agents, collecting data and instantly notifying the other side of any changes without human assistance! Think of it as a careful spider traversing the intricate web of programmatic ecosystems, swiftly responding to any disruptions. Traffic Bridge technology yields substantial efficiency gains, boasting an impressive 81.96% reduction in delay time, an 81.22% decrease in traffic loss, and an overall ecosystem efficiency surge of 98.23%. For some of BidsCube's partners, Traffic Bridge even enables an astonishing 60% increase in efficiency! This innovation epitomizes the essence of programmatic advertising – automation!