Performics UK & Social Hero - Maximum Influence, Maximum Impact

Performics UK

Client: Performics UK & Social Hero

In an ever-changing social media landscape, it’s increasingly challenging to determine where to allocate budget and measure the effectiveness of cross-platform campaigns. Performics recognised the need to make Paid Social more efficient by addressing these challenges and providing a solution that benefits social practitioners.

Introducing Social Hero, a proprietary budget optimisation tool developed by Performics to empower Paid Social teams to maximise returns across social platforms holistically. Social Hero's unique methodology allows users to measure the true impact of their social campaigns on users across the channel, at a platform level, all in one UI. By offering numerous incremental reach and awareness opportunities, this innovative tool effectively scales audiences and optimises media budgets through its advanced machine learning models. In essence, Social Hero enables social heroes to make every client social plan work harder and ensure we’re getting the maximum return from the ever-growing channel. Social Hero has already proven its worth – with a minimum of 20% additional reach generated from each plan, across different verticals. The tool is now seen as a core tenet of planning best practice across the agency, and is set to continue boosting clients’ social output, even in a challenging economic period.