Range Rover Sports Burst I – Lead Generation Campaign

Hearts & Science

Client: Jaguar Land Rover

The Range Rover Sport Burst I campaign addressed two key challenges faced by JLR: declining demand for the nameplate and rising customer concerns over new prices. To tackle these issues, we developed a comprehensive 360-degree digital and offline campaign, leveraging insights from our always-on campaign for the Range Rover Sport, and focused on top-performing channels.

We centered our out-of-home (OOH) deployment on high-end, affluent communities to target high-net-worth individuals, then chose high-traffic sites to increase exposure, familiarity and desirability. Luxury tailored audiences and first-party data were crucial contributors to the campaign's success, as they allowed us to develop highly focused lookalike audiences and efficiently retarget website visitors. Our OOH geofencing and digital retargeting campaigns increased foot traffic even further. The campaign achieved remarkable results, generating 5,557 leads, of which 1,772 were qualified> These converted into 132 Range Rover Sports sales, totaling GBP 15 million in revenue. Additionally, the website saw an average engagement rate of 47%, with 140,663 unique engaged users, 318,580 configurator starts, and 4,325 configurator completions. Finally, the footfall campaign drove 3,173 showroom visits across our two priority markets.