Singtel WiFi 6: Making 'Me-Time' Better with WiFi 6

OMD Singapore

Client: Singtel

Singtel launched WiFi 6 in August 2022, a new technology that enhances the broadband connection at home with a wider WiFi coverage and across multi-devices. It was the 3rd year of the pandemic and aimed to get millennials and young parents to upgrade their current WiFi set up to WiFi 6. The consumer challenge was that Singaporeans did not understand the increase in bandwidth required to support their daily digital consumption. Creative ideas were showcased to demonstrate the tension of life before and after WiFi 6, especially after 6pm. Media strategy was used to encourage people to stay motivated and reach their most bandwidth-heavy me-time moment. OOH buys were used in high dwell-time areas and local news sites. YouTube was leveraged to further engage the audience. Singtel partnered with META, TikTok, and other media to increase online awareness of their upcoming launch with 40,762,798 unique impressions. Using a proprietary eye-tracking and facial coding tool, they measured strong positive sentiment amongst 51% of their audience successfully drove interest in their WiFi 6 plans. This resulted in real business conversions, with an 11x uplift in sales and 79% of Singtel users and 63% of non-Singtel users in terms of propensity to purchase amongst younger audiences.