Space NK’s French glow up


Client: Space NK

Beauty powerhouse Space NK was making strides in the UK, so it was time for its next challenge: conquering the French market.

However, faced with historical challenges of low brand awareness in the region, Croud was entrusted with leading the charge and overseeing this process - and was tasked to not only drive growth but ensure profitability.

Its strategy encompassed a thorough understanding of the French consumer landscape and by leveraging its Croudie Network, it facilitated website translation QA, ensuring a truly localised marketing effort.

The agency’s bespoke solution for dynamic search ads resulted in a remarkable 90% improvement in conversion rate, whilst optimising shopping feeds and introducing a modern search approach further solidifying its success.

Croud developed a custom feed-based solution tailored to the website's unique requirements, resulting in a 200% increase in sales and a 285% higher ROAS.

This momentum in France has been carried forward and learnings are being applied to conquer new markets.

“This entry demonstrates how media can work hand-in-hand with a strong ecommerce strategy. It shows how digital strategy encompasses not just media but ensures that media is driving the most relevant audiences to the most relevant products,” remarked our judges.

They added: “The focus on deep localisation, and not just translation, at every touch point is a clever way of applying meaningful cultural context to solve a business challenge.”