Trip to lossless migration

Performics @ Starcom

Client: Contiki

As the travel industry soared once again in 2022, the Travel Corporation (TTC) knew that user experience for Contiki, its second largest brand, was crucial to capitalise on. Starcom were tasked to provide SEO support for a lossless migration of Contiki website to a new platform across 8 markets, enabling an unparalleled onsite experience, with smooth browsing, valuable new rankings, and conversion growth.

Starcom crafted a comprehensive 7-month roadmap, with a focus on optimising for Core Web Vitals. Our goal was to ensure that at least 80% of Contiki's traffic would meet Good User Experience in Google Page Speed Insights, and guarantee no loss of organic search performance to Contiki's site. This technical SEO project focused on crawling and indexation, HTML and architecture, and content and usability, with an emphasis on faster page load speed, better optimised page templates, relevant content, and conversion optimisation. The project resulted in a permanently transformed onsite experience for Contiki, with essential page elements loading faster, an increase in average daily traffic and impressions, resulting in ease of movement from search results to booking tours and consecutive revenue growth. These successes have given us a clear strategy to carry forward into future projects and have proven the impact on the factors that influence Google's ranking algorithm.