Tug Tool 'TUGCID' helps attribute digital investment along the customer journey while providing visibility on lead origins

Tug Agency

Client: LEAP

LEAP, a provider of legal practice management and accounting software, approached Tug to get more insight into how their leads and MQLs were generated (partly due to being unable to track multiple prospect touchpoints and lead origins), while also keeping within their marketing budget. Through the development and implementation of our Tug Tool ‘TUGCID’, we were able to report on a more granular level about their lead quality. It offered greater visibility on how the mix of channels worked together and generated good-quality leads. Plus, it assisted with better budget allocation and worked to drive business revenue. We improved the match rate of MQLs attributed to digital channels considerably throughout the year - getting close to a 99% match rate in H2. As a result, we were able to help the client identify 25% more MQLs generated from digital channels, resulting in a 30% increase in spend on performance media.